Lights of The Maestrazgo

The house is within the area of the village of Culla, in the heart of the High Maestrazgo. It is comparatively close to the seaside (51Km).

The country around Culla shows a great diversity, from the gentle cultivated valleys to the rough mountains teeming with wildlife.

The house stands in a quiet valley inhabited by peasants who respect and look after their environment.

There is a lot to see in The Maestrazgo

Culla is a village with history: Medieval architecture, gastronomy and craftsmanship. There are other similar villages in this region.
Trekking is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the day around here. There are many routes with different degrees of difficulty. Possible excursions:

  • Bovalar Cave
  • Peñacalva
  • Route of the water mills
  • Hermit church of Saint Christopher
  • Hermit church of San Roque
  • Sant Pau
  • Route of the Monleon River

All through the year, many events and activities take place in the village of Culla such as:

  • Horse Festival
  • Black truffle week
  • Visits to the old iron mines
  • Observatory of the stars
  • Horse riding
  • Bike rental
  • Guided excursions